What makes us different:

YARcce is a nonprofit,  “mutual benefit” corporation, organized as a virtual business accelerator, currently helping to bring environmental and energy-related technologies “into the world”. Our network of experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds can help your start-up be successful and we are here to help. Our tagline is “Out of the Lab, Into the World”. Come join us! How can we help you?




Let Us Help – Please Join Us! 

We are a community of like-minded people seeking out other individuals who want help to improve the world and who believe the solution lies within us.  We believe that technology is necessary, but not sufficient to solve the problems we face. 

It takes a lot of “bees” to make this effort a success. Our goal at YARcce is to attract 10,000 members who are interested in helping to protect the planet by helping companies to be successful. 

YARcce wants to attract 50 founding, or charter, members, who will help us to support the development of infrastructure for our work such as this website. If you are curious and would like to talk as a first step, please email us – go to the contact page to send us an email.  We hope to see you soon!



What makes us different:

  • Independence – we are independent advisors with no stake in the companies we work with and no expectation of return on our investment – we are here to help the company be successful

  • Reinforcement – our team of executive and subject-matter experts reinforce what the executive team already may have decided to do. It is helpful to have outside advisors to reinforce and emphasize the actions to be taken

  • Issue Processing – our process for taking an issue and fleshing it out without blame can bring clarity to the issue and actions to be taken

  • Financial Analysis – we can do independent financial analysis to prove out an action or suggest alternative business models to consider

  • Network – our network spans the globe and can bring in expertise that is not already available


Our Mission:

Our mission is to share knowledge and information, including knowledge about how our decentralized organization functions while rapidly moving beneficial technologies out of the lab,into the world.

Using the power of our network we aim to help our planet by connecting innovators and those that can help these innovators to get et their solutions into the world.

Like bees in the honeycomb, our decentralized network of individuals take on various tasks and functions in a decentralized form to help the “hive” survive and thrive.

We love working with startups and established energy and environmentally conscious companies to help them be successful.


Companies we have helped:

  • Unique liquid organic hydrocarbon (LOHC) fuel cell research effort to bring clean energy to the world

  • Proprietary air clarification system for healthcare and other industries 

  • Solar power company with technology to improve energy production and safety 


















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